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At JG Media, our goal is to help clients maximize their businesses by leveraging Internet technologies to gain a competitive advantage. We provide customized, realistic, and business-driven solutions. Our consulting principles are based on thorough research, analysis, and our years of online marketing experience.

Internet Strategy Development

We look at the big picture and how Internet technologies can be utilized to expand your customer base. We also look for ways you can increase the lifetime value of each of your customers. JG Media uncovers opportunities and opens marketing channels for businesses so they can expand and grow by fully utilizing the Internet.

Internet Marketing

The key to successful online marketing is to have your business's information appear exactly when current and potential customers are searching for a solution. Internet marketing is very different from a shotgun approach that delivers your marketing message to thousands who have no interest in your product or services. Unlike traditional marketing such as radio or print, Internet marketing allows you to focus your marketing dollars precisely on your target market.

If you're selling flowers, Internet marketing allows you to use keyword phrases that match the words potential customers use when they're searching for a florist online. With traditional media, your marketing message is delivered to everyone, whether they're interested in buying flowers or not! Properly developed Internet marketing strategies allow you to focus specifically on your target market. Contact Us Today About Growing Your Business Online


Attract, retain, and convert qualified traffic to your eCommerce storefront with JG Media! Thorough planning, research, and strategic consideration coupled with our technological expertise can help boost sales and generate increased revenue.

Future Potential

In order to understand what your business must do to increase market share using the Internet, you must examine exactly where you are today. JG Media can provide you with a no-holds-barred examination of your current online presence and your utilization methods.

We have dramatically increased sales for our clients by properly re-packaging and strategically marketing existing websites. Currently and in the future, the Internet will be a critical component to all businesses. The sooner you establish your properly developed web presence and start marketing strategically, the greater the short and long term benefits to your business will be.

Consulting Information


One of the first items to address when it comes to your online presence is what is the purpose and goals. Many businesses mistakenly think that just putting a website up is all there is to it. Those that understand that the web can grow your business in an entirely new way are the ones that leave their competition in the dust.


Once your online purpose and goals have been established, then it is time to move to the planning stages. What components do you want in place and what is the time frame? Plan to succeed!


Many business owners think they can "do it themselves" when it comes to their online presence. Truth be told, they are only fooling themselves because one of the fastest industries and technologies is the internet. You are much smarter from a business perspective to hire someone who is deeply involved in the web. They keep their eyes and ears to the web and can put your business ahead of the curve. Concentrate on what you do best - running your business - hire an expert when it comes to the web. You will be tens of thousands of dollars ahead of the game.

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