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 “Joe [JG Media LLC] is a superb videographer who is not only good at his craft but also adept at adding value to his service with his creative ideas. He is very professional and personable and cares about the quality of his work and meeting the client's expectations.” January 12, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Michael Burton-Marketing and Public Relations Director at Rowan Regional Medical Center

Hosting Information


In order for the millions of internet users to go to your website, you need to have your website hosted. Basically your website information and files are placed on a computer called a server, that is directly connected to the web.


The connectivity of your hosting account to the internet will determine to a degree how fast your website loads. The other factor that determines how your website loads is the size of the webpage files.


Dependable web hosting that is online and ready to serve your website to visitors is of critical importance. That is why hosting that has backup power, file backups, and secure facilities is very important - a website is not something you want to run off your local computer.

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