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In the three months that we have been working with them, they have made good on their commitment to helping us meet our promotional needs. They have invested great amounts of time driving all over a four county area and waiting, when necessary, to capture the “perfect shots”. They have demonstrated a mastery of their craft in terms of the advice they give and the results they produce (i.e., lighting, angles, technology integration, etc.). And they have done this all for a price that is much less than we expected to pay.

In short, my organization has been very pleased with the work of JG Media LLC and would be willing to recommend them based on this positive experience. It is not often that we contract for services in which we receive product that exceeds our expectations at a cost lower than predicted. We expect to continue working with JG Media LLC in the future as we continue to develop our overall promotional campaign.

The LandTrust
Jason A. Walser
Executive Director

JG Media has been wonderful in providing the Salisbury Tutoring
Academy, Ltd. with several exceptional DVDs. Joe Girder connects well
with children and adults. His work is phenomenal and his approach and
insight will help your business. You will enjoy a phenomenal
final product and your working experience with Joe Girdler. He
delivers on time!"

-Beatrice Hair, The Salisbury Tutoring Academy, Ltd.

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Whether your business has been established offline for years or whether it is a new business altogether, the design of your website must coincide with your overall brand image and sales goals.



The word(s) that is designed by the author of the website to get picked up by search engines. Keywords usually reflect the overall focus of a webpage because that is what a person would type into a search engine to find your page.


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Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle. To really experience success with your website, you need to get those users to stay on your site. When your users stay on your website, you can expect positive results.

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