How Your Business Can Become More Competent

How Your Business Can Become More Competent

Within your business, you should constantly look for both large and small ways to improve. With fierce competition across all industries, you can’t afford to be complacent. Here are some key ways to increase your business’s competency.  

Hire Competent Employees

To stay competitive in the current market, it is critical to attract the best talent possible. There are several ways to accomplish this. Start off by recruiting both active and passive job candidates. Do this by attending conferences, hosting job fairs, or starting an internship program. Perform outreach through schools and universities, as well as community events. Find some way to set your company’s work environment apart and advertise that heavily. You could offer benefits, such as paid vacations, health care, or retirement. One way to attract frequent customers to work for you is to offer discounted employee prices on your goods or services. Use social media to establish better brand awareness. Finally, recruit college graduates by offering loan payoff benefits.

Improve Your Training

Training is key to maximizing employee output. Most people want to perform their job successfully. Often, when a worker seems incompetent, it is because they don’t fully understand what is expected of them, or how to perform the necessary tasks. It is easy for upper management to forget that new employees are starting from ground zero. They don’t understand the jargon, the policies, the culture, or how to perform their job. Sometimes, leaders expect their workers to somehow read their minds and know what to do. Proper training will eliminate the frustration that this causes both leaders and employees. There are several training tools at your disposal, such as video content, manuals, simulations, mentoring, and virtual or physical classroom training. Create an open environment where employees feel comfortable asking questions, and provide plenty of time for new hires to catch on.

Learn From Past Mistakes

When something goes wrong, don’t sweep it under the rug and move on: learn from it. It can be uncomfortable to put your mistakes under a microscope, but that is exactly what the most successful businesses do when they mess up. It is important to analyze in detail what went wrong. Do this without pointing fingers or becoming angry. Generally, this exercise will illuminate several methods and practices that need to be reconfigured, often from management on down. Put together a plan for how to solve the current problem and mitigate the chances of it happening again. As important as it is to pinpoint and fix your mistakes, it is also important to celebrate every success—even the small ones. Let your people know what they are doing right more often than pointing out their flaws.

Focus on What You Know

When building and growing a business, it is easy to overcomplicate things. When your business is streamlined to include only what you know best, you can focus your time on what really matters. Whatever you can outsource, outsource! Don’t try to do it all. Parts of your business that you might want to consider outsourcing include administration, manufacturing, marketing, sales, accounting, and even customer service. If nothing else, you might want to outsource your IT, simply because of how complicated it can be. Outsourcing IT services can help you focus on your area of expertise at your business.


Improve Communication

Effective communication is central to a competent business. If everyone isn’t figuratively speaking the same language, miscommunications can create contention and disharmony in the workplace. It is important to get everyone on the same page, and then keep them there. This takes communication proficiency. Communication should always be constructive and positive, even when there are disagreements. The workplace should foster an open communication style, where people feel free to voice their concerns and share their ideas. All forms of communications must be addressed, including emails and texts. When you have a cohesive and respectful work culture, each member of the team will be more effective, and you will have synergy.

Develop Better Customer Service

No matter how competent you are as a company, if your customers don’t see it, they won’t have the confidence in you that you deserve. When you improve your customer service skills, you help the general public to see you in a positive light. Most people will cut ties with a company simply because of poor customer service, even when they are happy with the product. With that in mind, create a customer service culture that is patient, courteous, and personalized. Do whatever it takes to keep your customers happy, and they will become your best promoters and influencers. People love to share stories about customer service that goes above and beyond.


Business automation is the way to go in the 21st century. Automating time-consuming tasks brings far greater efficiency to a business. There are several key tasks that every business should automate. Some of these are payroll, supply orders, keeping stock of inventory, customer support and customer relationship management, invoicing, and scheduling. When you automate these functions, valuable time and resources are freed up to spend on the things only you can do.

Stay Current

No matter what industry you are a part of, what service you provide, or what product you design, you must stay current to be competitive. Every industry, every field, every science, every technology, every trend, every brand, and every design will become outdated sooner or later, unless you are flexible, forward thinking, and dedicated to staying current. This takes research, market analysis, continued education, networking, and paying close attention to the needs and wants of your clients and customers. Move at the pace of the world or you will get left in the dust.


You want your business to flourish and grow. You have put all you have into it, and it means so much to you. So, you should never get complacent. Constantly look for ways to improve the competency of your company. Be flexible, stay current, and utilize all the best resources around you to make your business the very best it can be.

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