Top 3 Social Media Platforms That Can Benefit Your Business If Used Properly

Top 3 Social Media Platforms That Can Benefit Your Business If Used Properly

Do you remember the very first social media platform called Six Degrees back in 1997? Well, things have certainly changed since then! Today, numerous sites allow both businesses and consumers to connect on an entirely different level. Gone are the days of telephone solicitation and random email marketing. Today’s savvy advertising campaigns always include social media in them because it’s effective in both cost and outreach. Here are the top three sites that you need to invest your time in to help you reach the masses and achieve your business goals.


Today, Instagram has more than 1 billion users.The mobile sharing site allows people to distribute photos and videos with folks around the world. While it may not be feasible to write the long and lengthy posts that Facebook allows, you can share products and information with the public. The beauty of this site is that there is little to no cost involved to share your business and build a brand name.


Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is geared toward the business world. It’s for people to connect and be linked with employers in their industry. You can also extend your advertising campaign to this popular site.

You must set up your page so that you can be quickly found in the business section. Including well-written headlines on your LinkedIn account can be an effective way for your business to be seen by others. Whether you want to grow your company, network with others in the industry, or look for new connections, LinkedIn is the place to be.


Facebook is, by far, one of the best social media outlets for personal or business purposes. You can showcase your business page and include videos, product information, and testimonials.

Facebook’s best feature is that you can communicate with your customer base with ease. While a standard business page is free, you will need to pay for any advertising extras. Unlike other social media sites, Facebook has an extensive advertising network, but it will cost you.

Social media has changed so much when it comes to advertising. Thankfully, there are many sites to choose from, and each has both advantages and disadvantages. By selecting a couple of sites that fit your business needs, you can quickly find a way to interact with customers and other businesses.

Whether it be designing a website or developing a video, we can help you with all your digital marketing needs. Contact us so we can know how to best help you achieve your business goals!

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