Not Using Videos in Your Digital Marketing Strategy? Big Mistake

Not Using Videos in Your Digital Marketing Strategy? Big Mistake

When running a business, you need to consider every possible tool for your marketing strategy. You can’t expect to have the perfect strategy if you aren’t open to every method of digital marketing, especially if that method entails the use of videos. Employing videos in your marketing can change your business entirely, and here are some reasons that prove it.

Helps SEO

If you are marketing online, you will need to do everything possible to aid your SEO. Videos will build up your SEO for several reasons. If you have a video on your website, that will keep visitors on the page for much longer than they would have ordinarily remained there, and it will ensure that they are clicking on your page more than they would otherwise. Users staying on your website for longer will massively boost your SEO, and so will the amount they click on it. The higher your SEO, the more people will visit your site, so the boost videos bring to this means they are vital to online marketing.

Videos Can Teach Customers

For videos to help your business, customers need to watch them. They won’t do this without a reason, so the videos need to be worth watching rather than just advertisements. One of the best options for marketing videos is to make them informational or instructional. If customers can learn something from one, they are more likely to click on that video and watch the entire thing. As an example, if you look at doTERRA’s YouTube channel, you can see a good amount of their videos are DIY tutorials and industry information. Customers will also see that you are trying to give them something meaningful and useful rather than just self-serving advertisements, and this will build trust in your brand.

Videos Resonate with Buyers

It’s said that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but a one-minute video is worth an estimated 1,800,000 words. Having lots of text on your website won’t be as effective since most people won’t read it. If you have an engaging and interesting video, people will watch it to the end and remember everything in it much better. For example, Chanel’s YouTube channel engages their target market right in their primary interest areas with interviews with top designers and makeup tutorials. This will build your brand, enhance your identity and effectively advertise to viewers without them even realizing it.

Online marketing is always evolving, and to be effective, you need to change with it. The most important part of online marketing now is videos, and using them will improve your strategy in every area.

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