How to Speed Up your WordPress Website – 2018

How to Speed Up your WordPress Website - 2018

Easy Plugins to Speed Up your WordPress Website

Page speed is one of the highest ranking factors to rank on search engines like Google. There is also the fact that bounce rates increase after only three seconds of a page not loading. Speed is now a definitive factor and part of your online web development. Let us talk about how to speed up your WordPress Website.

Image Compression to Speed up your WordPress Website

Images are one of the primary reasons your WordPress Website may be slow to load. Most beginners do not know how to optimize pictures before using them. This is why having the right image optimization plugin is so necessary. Smush Image Compression and Optimization is my choice for image optimization on my WordPress sites. The installation is easy and the process is done for you. The plugin will resize, compress and optimize your images and will do it for free. The paid version also has perks but if you are strapped for cash the free version will work just fine.

Since images have such a big speed factor you will see a big changes after optimizing your images.

WordPress optimization for Speed

There are a few items that will greatly improve speed times to any WordPress website

  • Browser Caching
  • Gravatar Caching
  • Gzip Compression
  • Asset Optimization

This list may seem daunting but is not as hard as it seems. I present Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization this plugin has everything you need to quickly optimize your WordPress website. It has a performance dashboard that will tell you all the key areas you need to optimize. It will also provide you with browser and gravatar caching for you. It has a Gzip compression tool and everything works with a simple click. It is good to note that the asset optimization needs to be done with care as it can break your website. Do not fear as it has an easy button to reverse everything back to default settings.

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