What is a WordPress Website?

What is a WordPress Website?

I was surprise at how many times I was asked, what is WordPress? It is a term that is widely known and spoken but yet so many still have questions. One of the simplest and most widely used Web Design platforms. So let us dive in and understand it a little bit better.

What is WordPress?

So in a nutshell what is WordPress? Word Press is a Content Management System or CMS for short. It is a platform that started for blogs and grew. The platform is designed for ease and options. With this platform you can add and remove features without the need of lengthy code. This is done with plugins.

Why should I use WordPress?

The best thing about WordPress would have to be the amount of support. The community is vibrant and there is lots of free support. Also the amount of free plugins is amazing. The ability to customize to your liking is one of the best as well. This is why it is becoming a favorite among beginners and experts.

What can I do with WordPress?

There is no limit on what you can accomplish with WordPress. Using Woocommerce you can easily convert a page to an ecommerce solution. As a blog it comes loaded with features. For businesses it can be a platform to showcase and hand off information to customer. With the amount of plugins you can easily integrate Social Media and SEO.

With an easy learning curve and the available resources out there a WordPress site can be for everyone. This is why its my recommendation for anyone starting out and want to do it themselves. If you have a different platform I would love to know.

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