How to get and install a FREE SSL certificate on WordPress Website

How to get and install a FREE SSL certificate on WordPress Website

How to get a FREE SSL certificate for your WordPress Website

Having a secured website is no longer an option if you want to have a good web presence. It is also a big factor if you are planning on ranking on search engines. When it comes to Google and Google Chrome this is almost a mandatory process. For those that don’t know on Google Chrome your visitors will get a message that they are in a non secure website. This will automatically make visitors suspicious and worried when visiting a non secure website.

Step 1

The first step is to sign up for a FREE Cloud Fare account. It is an easy process that simply involves an email and general information. Once the account is set up it will prompt you to add your site. Just add your domain and click on the Add Site button.


Step 2

On the next step you will get a message about DNS records. Don’t worry about this at all. This is mainly gathering information about how your URL is being hosted and published. All you have to do is click on the Next button to continue.


Step 3

This part will ask you to select a plan. There are various paid versions but we are selecting the FREE plan. Once it is selected click on Confirm Plan.


Step 4

This part will show you the DNS records from Step 2. This is going to show you how Cloud Fare will redirect your domain name to its SSL certificate. Just scroll down and click next to continue.


Step 5

This is the part that for some it may seem very technical. For now all you have to do is copy the nameservers to use later. This will be covered on a later step. Once you copy them and save them click Continue.


Step 6

On the next screen all you have to do is click on Full. This will give you different options to choose from. I will highly recommend you select Flexible and select use https. This will ensure your website is not too strict.


Step 7

So let us talk about the namerservers and what to do with them. This involves having access to your domain settings. For instance this domain is from GoDaddy. In the listing of domains their is a manage section. Here they give us a section to Change Namerservers. If you didn’t get your domain from GoDaddy you should have something very similar from your provider.


Step 8

Simply add the nameservers provided to you from Cloud Fare.


Step 9

For this step I recommend you wait 24 hours as it can take that long for nameservers to change. For your WordPress website you may want to download Really Simple SSL plugin. This plugin will make sure that everything on your WordPress website transfers over correctly.

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