5 Essential Local SEO Tips for 2018

5 Essential Local SEO Tips for 2018

5 Essential Local SEO strategies for 2018

For local businesses being found online is essential for survival. Your customers are searching online and you must be prepared to be found. SEO is a must if you want to survive but most forget to do. A local SEO strategy could be more important for small local businesses.

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is ranking well in local search results. Almost half of all searches on Google are for local products and services according to Go-Globe. This means that small businesses need to have a strong local SEO strategy.

Local SEO strategy 1 : Google My Business listing

You need to start with a Google My Business listing. Searches for local products and services are looking for information. Your Google My Business listing comes with the options of adding address, phone number, website and more (NAP). This information will appear on Google search results as well as the map.


Make sure you complete your profile and keep it up to date. The verification process is easy and once it is verified you will start to appear.

Local SEO strategy 2 : Use Google post on your My Business listing

Google made a change to the Google My Business account by allowing the ability to post. This is a great way to add calendar events, promotions and more. This helps customers interact with your business as well as rank on local searches.

Local SEO strategy 3 : Optimize URL and content

Make sure your website content and URL also reflect your local information. Nothing says you can’t add your city name or county to your URL. Also make it a habit to include this info with your content so Google knows you are a local business. This strategy helps your business stay consistent across search results.

Local SEO strategy 4 : Get on review sites

As part of your strategy you need to be in relevant review sites. A survey by Zendesk showed that reviews influences a customers decision to buy. Here is a list of some popular review sites:

  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Angie’s List
  • Yellow Pages
  • BBB

Local SEO strategy 5 : Make your NAP consistent across all platforms

This final strategy is one that seems easy enough but is very important. Make sure the exact information is the same everywhere you make a profile. By ensuring the information is accurate and the same helps Google know and link them together. This helps build a consistent theme across all platforms.

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