E commerce is the Solution for Rowan County NC

E commerce is the Solution for Rowan County NC

The idea that small businesses could compete with giants like Amazon and Wal Mart seemed impossible five years ago. But the surprising twist happened with Social Media and Google has made that not just a possibility but a reality. Thanks to the platforms available today small businesses have the power to compete alongside giants.

E commerce and Retail

There is a phenomenon called the retail apocalypse that giants like Macy’s are actually struggling and loosing billions of dollars every year. Using Social Media and e commerce websites the retail monopolies have been broken. There are hundred of small independent clothing brands that are making millions of dollars leveraging Social Media interaction to build loyalty with customers. As more people look for interaction and a connection, giant companies that have no way to connect with their audience are loosing out to small independent brands who have built their following doing just that.

E commerce and Convenience

Local small businesses can still provide something that even Amazon cannot. For a long time it was the belief that small businesses could not provide the convenience that Amazon can provide. Amazon can deliver fast, friendly user experience and affordable prices. Local businesses can provide all that with the addition that your customers can stop by the same day of purchase and pick it up, better yet they can see what they purchased and immediately change it without extra days. Convenience works in different ways and with human interaction being the cherry on top.

E commerce and Restaurants

So many struggling restaurants are giving away so much money by refusing to add an e commerce solution. Huge names in the restaurant business that have no delivery options are still implementing e commerce solutions for pick up options. By doing this customers that would only maybe eat at the restaurant once become repeat customers through online ordering. Naples Cafe a small Italian and Chinese Restaurant looks very small and most think its struggling but in reality they are making over 100k a year on online sales alone. The increase in business has made them ear over a million dollars a year.

The time is now to implement e commerce solutions and cater to future customers and their needs. Contact Us or call 980-223-0811

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