Do Small Businesses need a Mobile App?

Do Small Businesses need a Mobile App?

The question of small businesses and a mobile app has been on our minds lately. The idea of a mobile app was always perceived as something big companies had because of all the services they can provide. Because of technology and ease of communication this is no longer the case. Customers are now seeing a mobile app as a requirement for their dollars.

Loyalty builds trust

To keep customers coming back they need to have a connection and that is why a mobile app is important. Long gone are the days of loyalty cards. Today is about having your company and your products readily available. Built in loyalty programs and push notifications keep your customers up to date with you and your brand.

Convenience is key

We have always said that a website will get you found on Google but an app will keep them coming back. Nobody saves a website on their bookmarks and no one likes to type URL’s anymore. Having one button click with access to all your services is the key to keep them coming back.

Increase your profits

Lets face it we are in business to make money and that is what keeps the doors open. So many small businesses are loosing out on a demand they are ignoring. Restaurants, body shops, retail … There is a need for an app no matter the market. Customers want and need to purchase services or products so its up to you to meet them where they are shopping. The rise and convenience on mobile phones has given small businesses the edge they need to compete as long as they make themselves available to their customers. Give customers the choice between you and the big names by using the same technology and services they demand.

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